Omelette Rolls

Such a fabulous flavour combination: a plain omelette with creamy yoghurt and earthy smoked salmon

In the weekend I enjoy having a substantial breakfast. At the same time it has to be healthy and quick to prepare. This omelette roll recipe ticks all the boxes.

It’s so simple I wondered whether I should post it. But then I was inspired by seeing this dish in a Donna Hay cookbook. So I decided to share it nonetheless.

By the way, this is another one of these dishes that just invites you to try all sorts of variations – combine your favourite flavours (or just empty out the left-overs lingering in your fridge).

(from Donna Hay’s Omelette Rolls “no time to cook”)
per roll

1 egg
fat-free Greek yoghurt (or crème fraiche)
a few sprigs of watercress
a slice of smoked salmon


  1. Whisk together egg, salt, pepper.
  2. Heat a small (approx. 20cm) frying pan.
  3. Pour the egg into the pan and swirl to cover the entire base.
  4. Cook about 1 minute or until the top of the omelette has just set.
  5. Slide out of the pan.
  6. Spread with crème fraiche and place salmon and watercress on top.
  7. Roll up and immediately serve seam-side down.


Tips & Variations

Variations are endless, but a few I like:

  • Roasted tomato, wilted spinach and fried bacon
  • Cooked mushrooms, chopped parsley
  • Wilted spinach, ricotta a hint of lemon zest
  • Also you could use a larger pan & more eggs at a time and then server the rolls sliced
1 comment
  1. Liz said:

    You know “simple” is my magic word in 2014. I love eating good food with minimal effort. These are the kinds of recipes that resonate with my lazy being. Thanks for sharing!

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