Playing with Food

“Do not play with your food!”

 I love playing with my food! What do you think this whole blog is about?

But this specific post really is not mine – it is my nieces’.  I printed out some suggestions I found on this inspiring post. GE and ME chose the ones they wanted to make and then set to work…eh, play.

I had just enough time to take some snapshots before all the fruit was devoured.  (Goes to show: kids not only like to play with food – playing with food  makes them like it!)

So this post is not so much a recipe, as an invitation to play with your food…… and have your children start as early as possible.

(For a collection of more ideas visit the blog “this chick cooks”)

  1. lei said:

    too cute!!

    • afracooking said:

      It makes me smile -really does- that you shared this reponse! Thank you!

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