Quinoa Breakfast

Comfort food at its best: Healthy, tasty, easy Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

During the week I do not eat breakfast. Yes, yes I know this is not a very healthy habit, but I do my best to make up for it in the weekend. Usually I will have healthy pancakes or vegetable-loaded frittatas, but last weekend I felt like trying something new.

I had some left-over  quinoa in the fridge. I thought would try adding some of the ingredients I used for the Overnight Fridge Oatmeal that I enjoyed so much.

The result was amazing! I had Quinoa for breakfast three days running with slight variations. This also means that the below is not really a recipe, more like a menu that you can use to assemble your perfect bowl of Quinoa.


Ingredients & Recipe

The recipe is simple: just pick the ingredients you would like and combine them.

1. Base:
1 cup of cooked quinoa (use left-over Quinoa that was cooked in water or cook the Quinoa in almond milk…adding spices)
(or use a mix of quinoa and millet for example)

2. Creaminess:                
a splash – ¼ cup of almond milk (cold or warm – I prefer cold)
3 tbsp creamy yoghurt of quark (omit if the milk is warm)

1 tsp chia seeds (allow the chia some time to plump up)
½ tsp flax seed
(try adding dried cherries or raisins)
(or add some nuts)

4. Flavour:
Vanilla Essence (cinnamon, ginger, lemon zest)

5. Sweetness:
½ tsp stevia (or maple syrup or honey)

6. Fruit:
fresh or defrosted blueberries (or raspberries)
(blueberries go well with sliced banana)

7. Topping:
a few crumbled walnuts (almonds, toasted chia seeds)


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