Lemon Frozen Yoghurt

The only emperor is the emperor of ice cream (Wallace Stevens)

The only emperor is the emperor of ice cream (Wallace Stevens)

What do you do when life hands you lemons?

You sit there and stare for a while; lost at what to do next.

…but sooner or later you are bound to get hungry…

So you grab the sour lemons, add some silky yoghurt to make a big tub of creamy frozen yoghurt.

And then you sit there staring for a while longer. ….but at least you are holding a fabulously soothing desert in your hands.


Serves 1 (or should it really be 2)

250g Greek yoghurt (Total 0% is my favourite)
1/2 -1 lemon
2 tbsp honey (or 1tbsp honey, 1 tbsp agave)



  1. Put the yoghurt into a wide freezer tub.
  2. Grate half the lemon and zest it. Stir into the yoghurt.
  3. Add the honey and mix well. Taste and adjust the amount of lemon if necessary.
  4. Place into the freezer for 1-2 hours.
  5. Stir well with a fork.
  6. Return to the feezer and freeze until solid.
  7. Place into the foodprocessor and process until smooth. (If the yoghurt is too hard allow it to soften for a few minutes).
  1. What a totaly great & genius idea! 😃 MMMMMM! the Lemon frozen yoghurt looks Amazing! Truly refreshing too! Yummmmmmmmm!

  2. Liz said:

    I see at least you are thinking about blogging. What a simple and straightforward recipe, worth making in a matter of seconds. Thanks for sharing. I have a heap of oranges, I somehow came up with this idea of an orange a day, keeps what away? haven’t decided yet but I shall use the oranges at hand. They are very sweet and they’ll also infuse some colour to the dessert. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your summer!

  3. Simple but scrumptious! I like all food made with ease and with few ingredients. Hurray…this is my kind of recipe!

    • afracooking said:

      haha, I know exactly what you mean. Simple to make but magical in taste 🙂

  4. Love frozen yoghurt!! Especially one with Lemon. great idea.

    • afracooking said:

      I also love frozen yoghurts. My favourite used to be using frozen cherries, but this recipe is so wonderfully fresh and clean that has moved to the top of my list!

  5. If only all the sour moments in our lives, could be sweet like this! Lovely and I love frozen yogurts. 🙂

    • afracooking said:

      🙂 Yes, to that!!

  6. Karen said:

    So simple but it has to be so good.

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