Simple Supper Asian Prawn Omelette


'Although I cannot lay an egg, I am a very good judge of omelettes' - George Bernard Shaw

‘Although I cannot lay an egg, I am a very good judge of omelettes’ – George Bernard Shaw

It is funny what can make you feel happy. I just found myself thinking: finally, finally it is cold, grey and rainy again – how fabulous that the weather is so dismal and I am so tired, that I want to stay inside, sit behind my laptop and finally write a post again. 🙂

The summer has been filled with long sunny days that were just too short for cooking extensive meals. Therefore the last weeks have been all about quick and easy dinners fixes. This dish has been one of my favourite discoveries: a simple silky omelette with plump and juicy prawns. The flavours are a combination of the saltiness of soy sauce and the delicate garlic of chives. It makes a lovely lunch dish or a light dinner with some fried rice and steamed paksoi.

I came across this Asian dish in the most roundabout way. It all started with a visit to Spain earlier this year and a day trip to Gibraltar. On a lunch menu full of rich and heavy dishes, the “Prawn Omelette” caught my eye.  The combination made so much sense. There I was looking forward to a delicate fluffy omelette, when my plate arrived piled high with these odd crispy fritters. Unfortunately they were greasy and lacked favour, but they had caught my imagination.

I discovered that Tortitas de Camarones, shrimp pancakes, are a specialty of Andalucía. They are made from an egg-less batter of (part) chickpea flour and of course shrimp.  Once home I almost became obsessed with turning, what sounded like a winning combination of ingredients, into a tasty dish. Obstinate as I am, I tried (and failed) over and over again. When I was mean with the oil the results was rubbery, almost slimy. When I gave in and cooked the fritters in generous amounts of oil, the texture was lovely, but the fritters were sickly greasy.

As I was about to make another experimental batch when my eye fell on the beautiful plump prawns I had bought (a variation on the tiny shrimp I had been using until then, in the hope it would improe things). And I realized I just didn’t have the heart to waste these beauties on another failed dish. So instead I decided to make the omelette that I would have wanted to have been served that day. Simple and plain but so satisfyingly delicate. 

The thing I like best about the island of Gibraltar …….is that it inspired me to make Asian Prawn Omelettes....and how it looks in the distance

The thing I like best about the island of Gibraltar …….is that it inspired me to make Asian Prawn Omelettes….and how it looks in the distance

(based on ‘Wokking Mum‘)
Serves 1

Marinated prawns
1 tsp shaoxing rice wine (or dry pale sherry or at a pinch some vermouth or sake, use a little less)
1/4 tsp tapioca- or corn starch
6 large prawns

1 small tomato
1 spring onion
optional: oil
1/2 tbsp tapioca- or corn starch
2 tbsp milk or chicken stock or water
1 tsp soy sauce
optional: a few drops of sesame oil
2 eggs
optional: oyster sauce



  1. Combine the rice wine with the starch and mix until smooth.
  2. Add the salt, pepper and prawns. Refrigerate until ready to use. .
  3. Skin the tomatoes (bring a small pot of water to the boil. Cut a cross into the skin of the tomato. Briefly drop into the hot water. Remove and skin.)
  4. Dice the tomato. If it is very juicy you might want to discard the seeds.
  5. Chop the spring onion.
  6. If using, heat a little oil small pan. Fry the prawns until 80% cooked. Remove from the pan.
  7. Combine the starch with the milk, stock or water and mix until smooth.
  8. Whisk in the two eggs.
  9. Season with soy sauce, sesame oil (optional), salt and pepper.
  10. Add the tomato, spring onion and prawns to the egg mix.
  11. Pour the mixture back into the pan.
  12. Reduce the heat and cook until the egg is 90% set.
  13. Chop the chives.
  14. Plate and sprinkle with chives and oyster sauce, if using. 

Tips & Variations
After you have cooked the prawns add some thinly sliced onions and/or bean sprouts to your pan

Serve with
Fried rice and paksoi or sugar snaps

229 IMG_7511

  1. Karinna said:

    Love the creative recipe tweaking! Very nice, appeals to me right now – it’s making my stomach growl!

    • afracooking said:

      Just reading your comment now is making me crave another plateful 🙂

  2. That looks so fresh, lovely and light! I am glad you had such a beautiful summer! Welcome back xx

    • afracooking said:

      I almost feel like a kid again, when you had so say goodbye to the freedom of summer and pick up your pen and notebook. But then you also got to see your friends again 🙂 xxx

  3. What an elegant brunch this would make! The colors are very pretty, love this. 🙂

    • afracooking said:

      Thank you, darling! It really is such a vibrant dish.

    • afracooking said:

      🙂 so nice of you to drop by!

      • Nandini said:

        It’s great to c u 🙂

    • afracooking said:

      Thank you my dear! x

  4. Hilda said:

    A very elegant and tasty omelette indeed.

    • afracooking said:

      It never ceases to amaze me how many oh-so-obvious prefect matches there are still to discover. Eggs and prawns just make so much sense together.

  5. Light, fluffy, happy and summer like! Nice twist on an omelette to make it a rich dish. Lovely colourful plating too! Oh, as you mentioned, I always wonder about the food and taste combinations yet to be discovered! Keep exploring!

    • afracooking said:

      Such lovely compliments, thank you so much! Yes, let;s keep exploring (and having said that I am heading straight over to your blog to see what you have been cooking up :-> )

  6. This is very much the comforting type of Homestyle Asian cooking I love. Sometimes with this kind of Asian cuisine there’s a funny sort of gravy, I much prefer it without, exactly as you have here! Happy Cooking 🙂

  7. Ahh…you couldn’t have said it better. Our last winter here was so very cold, many times dipped below zero, we dreamed of warmer days..and now that we have those warmer days, I feel like I have a lot of nerve to be wishing for the colder days that force me to stay inside and play catch up on all that I’ve missed out on in our blogging community! I’m so happy to know that I’m not the only one who wishes for such things!

    This omelet is another thing that I now wish for… so simple, so fluffy and beautiful…yet so complex with all of the wonderful ingredients. This one is now on my bucket list of meals to make…and I’ve pushed it closer to the top of that list! It just looks so delicious…

    Awesome post. Wonderful recipe. ❤

  8. ciao! i find that 24 hours are just not enough in any weather. we can anticipate beyond and often our expectations not met, but just the best that your disappointment fueled your persistence. your inspiration wets my appetite:) i will be making this omelette…yum.

  9. Karen said:

    I’m glad you persevered…you omelet sounds very good. I like the Asian flavors.

    • afracooking said:

      That is so kind of you to say! Thank you for dropping me a line. Heading straight over to your blog to see what you have been cooking up!

  10. Sophie33 said:

    A georgous tasty special Asian twist of an omelette! Yum Yum Yumm! 🙂

  11. Eggs are perfect for a quick dinner. I love the flavors in this!

  12. Liz said:

    I must say you were lucky to have sun-filled summers. Our summer was grey and cold. But as soon as autumn started, it started shining. I hope it shines for the rest of autumn. Quick and easy dinners is my usual way of life. I hate complicating my life. My son loves prawns but hates eggs but I’m going to try this recipe anyway. He can pick the prawns and discard the eggs if he wants. Enjoy the cold and grey weather. Thanks for visiting my blog several times. Have a great weekend!

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