Mung Bean Wraps

Healthy, Filling Mung Bean Wraps

A great alternative to wheat or corn tortillas: Mung Bean (Soy Bean) Wraps.  More and more I am reducing the amount of (plain) wheat flour  I eat. Partly because there are healthier options out there, partly because it is exiting to discover a completely new world of alternatives.  One of the most surprising discoveries I made are these Mung Bean Wraps.

Mung Beans are rich in nutrients and have a low GI. Also they are easier on the digestional tract than other beans. I love the fact that instead of the “empty”carbs of a wheat tortilla these wraps provides the nutirents of pulse dish.

But these wraps are not only healthy, they also taste great. They are just as versatile as standard wraps: Have them for lunch (with smoked salmon) or for dinner (as a fish burritos).


Do you know Mung Beans? I did not until I discoved this recipe – which now is one of my go-to meals.

(from the blog ‘Spice and More’)
serves 2 (8-10 wraps – these wraps are more filling than regular wraps so you will probably have some left for lunch)

1,5 cups of mung beans



  1. Soak mung beans in plenty of water for 24 hours.
  2. Drain the beans.
  3. Grind in foodprocessor scraping the edges once in while until you have a very smooth paste.
  4. Season with salt.
  5. Heat a non-stick pan (no need to use oil). Add the mung bean batter into the pan. Spread out evenly using a spatula. Scrape off any excess paste and add that back into your bowl with remaining batter.
  6. Cook the wrap on a medium heat about 3-4 minutes. At first it will seem like you batter has stuck to the pan. But as it cooks, the wrap will detach itself from the pan. The wrap is cooked once it is set and just strating to take on a hint of cold. Do not let the wrap brown too much or crisp up.
  7. Once the wrap is cooked on one side flip and cook the other side for a few minutes. Remove and keep warm between two plates whilst cooking the remainig wraps.
  8. Wraps keep in the fridge.

Serve with


  • Smoked Salmon
  • Cream cheese
  • Avocado
  • Alfalfa sprouts

Fish Dinner:

  • Plain pan fried fish cubes (or see Bill Granger’s recipe for Fish Burritos for some additional flavours)
  • Samphire (NL: zeekraal, DE: Queller) or green beans
  • wasabi lime yoghurt
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Rapunzel lettuce (NL: veld sla, DE: Feldsalat)

Chicken Dinner:

  • Chicken Feta Meatballs
  • Yoghurt with grated cucumber, salt, pepper
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Rapunzel lettuce (NL: veld sla, DE: Feldsalat)
    • afracooking said:

      These wraps are amazing – since I stumbled across them by coincidence they have been making a regular appearance on my table.

  1. I love lentil wraps. They are healthy and delicious!

    • afracooking said:

      I really like the idea of lentil wraps. I searched your blog but couldnt find a recipe. If you have one I would love to try it out 🙂

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